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Alright, so I'm pretty sure all of you who have submitted an entry are pretty anxious to find out who won. Thanks again
for everyones participation and like I said in the comic post for those who didn't win don't let it get you down there
will definitely be more contests in the futur for you to enter!

Without further interruption here are the winners:

In Second place:

JunaECBS with his entry of Colgate Phelps in a seemingly not amused pondering mood.

Entry can be found here:…

JunaECBS win's the opportunity to have his OC be part of an Equestria Noire Case in one way or another. I'll contact him
on how he wants it to happen, if you don't have an OC we'll work something out no worries.

And First place goes to:

Myrami with his entry of a much better version of a title screen for the series.

Entry can be found here:

Myrami wins himself a copy of L.A. Noire Complete for the PC. I'll get in contact with you when i get the time to give you
your prize, just make sure you have STEAM installed on your computer.


And here is a link to all the other entries that were made:






Now as mentionned this week I am extremely busy with alot of stuff so I won't be able to post at the usual rate which I'm sure
you've already noticed with the lack of an update yesterday. I'll hopefully return to the regular updates next week but as I
mentionned in my recent comic post I won't have alot of time to complete Case 2.

Check out the information here:

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